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Hi all.Β I know this won’t be the post you wanted to read, but I promised to put everything here first.

Paramount Studios will not be renewing the contract for the False Prince movie. There have been some significant changes at the studio over the last month, and those changes have affected their plans for this project.

That said, the book still lives and might otherwise get picked up elsewhere. The best thing you can do to encourage another studio’s interestΒ is to recommend the Ascendance TrilogyΒ to other readers and show potential producers that there is continuing and growing interest in a movie.

Until then, I have so many other great stories to introduce you to, and updates on other writing projects. All is well.

Let’s keep moving forward!



  1. This is so sad, its been such a long ride with the movie news over the years… That’s alright because the books are all we need! I know someone out there will see the amazing potential The False Prince has to be an awesome film one day. πŸ™‚

    • I think you’re completely right – thanks, Hallie!

    • No! I have been looking forward for a movie for so long! Instead, can you write another book in the series? I am sure me and all the other fans of the book would love that!

      • It’s a maybe, Katie. I know what I’d write if I did more books, but so far, Sage seems to be comfortable where he’s at. Should that ever change, I’ll definitely announce it!

  2. Heartbreaking! I have been waiting soooo sooo long, years! to hear about their decision :'(

  3. It’s too bad they decided not to renew the contract πŸ™ I’ve been checking for news about the movie for years. The False Prince is my favorite book and it would have made a great movie!

    • I agree, Lexi. Perhaps one day with another studio. Fingers crossed for that!

  4. So sad it didn’t work out. Fingers crossed that another studio picks it up.

  5. That’s really unfortunate! It would’ve been fun to see a movie version. I hope another studio will be interested in it. Can’t wait for your next books!
    – Loreley

  6. Wow. That is unfortunate. Me and my fangirl friends are going to cry on each other’s shoulders for a long time about this. At least we have the hope of another studio picking it up, in some other day and age.

    I can’t wait for you to write more awesome books!!!

    • Thanks, Kat. Not to worry – it obviously just wasn’t meant to be this time, but we only want the movie made when it’s with the right studio with the right vision and the right time. Fingers crossed for that one day.

  7. The Ascendance Trilogy is my most favorite books in the world!!! I’m sorry that they didn’t make it a movie, you’re still the best author ever!!! πŸ˜€ Hopefully someone better will make the movie, someday.

  8. I am sorry for the sad news, but I know you’ll make it through. As a starting author myself, I have learned the strength of rising through difficulty. Don’t give up. We are here. Oh, and hypothetically, what if a fan of yours adapted the book into a movie script? I mean, could only a studio with the rights do that sort of thing? Obviously a studio would have to produce it and actually get the movie running, but would it help if you already had a script to show them?

    • I don’t know that it’s sad news as much as it’s just news. When a movie is made, I want it done right, so if Paramount didn’t feel the timing was good for them, then it’s better to wait for someone with a stronger passion. Regarding the script, as I understand it, there is a finished product. I don’t know what will happen to that script now, if it will remain attached to the book for future pitches in Hollywood or not, but I do know one exists. And regarding your own writing, I’m so glad to hear you speak of strength and rising through difficulty. At the core of a career in this business, you have nailed the trait that I think is most important for success – just to keep going even when the news isn’t great, and to have confidence that better things are coming. All the best of luck to you. Constantly remind yourself that success is a “when,” not an “if.”

      • That makes sense. Well I wish you the best of luck too, for the future of the Ascendance Trilogy and your other novels. Do you happen to read over other people’s drafts and give comments? I realize you are busy but it would be appreciated, if you had the time of course.

        • Thank you. I’m not able to read other drafts at this time, though I hope you will be able to find a reader you trust to help you in your journey toward publication. Best wishes –

      • Please make a movie of Mark of the Storm I love Nic, Aurelia, Radulf, Livia and Nic’s mother, Crispus, Atroxia. I’ve read all your books and if you can’t make a movie can you at least make another book. we are family because we love your books everyone does

        • Thank you, Angel! It’s always something I’m considering, though for now, my attention is focused on other projects. Perhaps one day, though!

  9. Aw, I was looking forward to see how great the movie would be. Hopefully another studio will pick it up soon or in later dates. If not, there’s still going to be the books and the fans (including me of course). There’s some pretty good fan made artwork if you haven’t already seen it (I’m guessing you probably already have).

    • Hi Eli – I have seen a lot of amazing fan created artwork! And yes, fingers crossed for another studio one day in the future.

  10. I am sad to read this! I read the Ascendance Trilogy for the first time last year, and I really loved the books! I then learned that there was going to be a movie, and I was really excited, which is why I am sad to learn there is not going to be not movie.

    • Well, not at this time. This may yet open the doors for another studio – fingers crossed!

  11. Awh, that’s too bad! I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t making a movie. Your books are definitely good enough to be made into movies though! I hope that some other company will realize how good your books are and make them into movies. Until then, the books are good enough to keep us happy! Thank you!

  12. Thats too bad, but It’s a wonderful book series so I bet a movie will be made eventually. But if not the books are more than good enough to stand on their own. In fact the False Prince Series is my absolute favorite right now! Also the website saws book three of Mark of the Thief is coming out in January 2017, is that right?, cause it’s March now. I can’t wait for the last one!

    • oops says

      • Never mind Lol I just figured it out. Wrath of the Storm did come out and it just passed me by. XD. it’s just not listed under books. On my way to the library now.

    • Thanks very much, Ana! And yes, WRATH OF THE STORM, the third book of the Mark of the Thief series, is already out.

  13. We’ve all been waiting for years, I think, and this is heartbreaking. I dream of the day I get to go to theaters and watch the False Prince movie. Looking on the bright side, Paramount isn’t the only film studio, so I have my hopes πŸ™‚

    • I have my hopes too, Rashida! All is well, and we constantly look toward the future.

  14. I know that you’ve said before that you had to cut some scenes out of The Ascendance Trilogy to make the books flow better. (“Killing your Darlings”) Do you think that someday you might publish these scenes in kind of a book of “extras”?

    • Probably not, Larissa – there’s a reason they were cut and to publish them would be to change the canon of the published story. But if I ever add to the series, those scenes will likely return in some form!

  15. awwww πŸ™ it’s really sad that the book is not going to be a movie! it really does deserve it πŸ™‚ but there is always hope! thank you for being such an inspirational author to all of us πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Charley! And one never knows what the future will bring, so chin up and we’ll see what tomorrow holds!

  16. I would love if a movie was out on The False Prince.

    • Will I get copyrighted if I use any of you’re images in my project. I’m talking about the images for the Ascendance Trilogy.

      • Only if you try to sell them as your own work or make money off them. Otherwise, you should be fine. No worries for a school project.

    • Me too, Maddox. Perhaps one day!

  17. Are you going to be coming out with a 4th book.

    • That is not currently in my plans, but I never say never – perhaps one day!

  18. Ahh! I am so sad! But I am sure that another company will see how amazing your trilogy is and want to make it into a movie! I am crossing my fingers!
    I am definitely going to recommend this trilogy to ALL of my friends.

  19. Don’t worry about it. I still remember reading The False Prince 3 or 4 years ago, no producer is going to pass up this opportunity once they realize its full potential.

  20. First, I’d like to applaud you for replying to so many of these comments. Second, is also like to applaud you for your books. They are some of the most amazing I have read, but I’m going to have to say my favorite was The Scourge. (I literally read it in a day.) I’m trying to write my own book, and you’ve further inspired me. Keep up the good work. 😊

    P.S. I’m stuck on adding some humor to my writing. Do you add it in your rough draft, while editing, or at the very end? Thanks again!

    P.P.S. you will get your movie one day, I know it!

    • Thank you, Mv. For the humor, I add it as I think of it. A lot of times, if a scene seems slow, I’ll go through it more carefully to look for opportunities to add humor, but when the right line pops into my head, I use it. Good luck on your own writing!

  21. Netflix original series, anyone? πŸ™‚

  22. I am so sad! The false prince is my favorite book!!

  23. Oh No!!! I was looking forward to watching the movie. Oh well. Hello Jennifer Nielson you probably don’t remember but I once wrote to you. I finished the Mark of the Thief series! I hope you can find someone to produce it I can’t wait. Even if it takes fifteen years I will wait and watch the movie. Keep writing you inspire others to write books and read more thanks!

  24. So unfortunate that the fandom is so small… This book is a true inspiration and so creative. I have never read a book in which a plot twist genuinely surprised me! I will try and convince my fellow high school compadres to indulge in the world of Jaron so that Jennifer and The False Prince can earn the amazing movie they truly deserve!! I wish you the best of luck, Jennifer! Know that your fans will be there to support you forever!

  25. I’m terribly sorry about the movie, but sometimes good things fall apart so better things can happen. I will personally grow up to be a movie director and see to it that ALL of your books become award winning movies.

  26. This is kind of random, but if Sage had a scrapbook, what kinds of things would he put in it?

    • It’d be mostly empty, because early in his life, he didn’t appreciate what he had. He does now, and will begin to fill it with anything that reminds him of the family he is rebuilding. Nothing of war or struggle. Just mementos of his friends: a pressed flower from Imogen, a medical tool from Tobias. On page 1, a little pocket for the rock.

  27. I literally just finished this book and they’re not going to turn it into a movie?!

    Well, I guess we can push other studios! Giving up is not an option!

  28. Aww, the false prince and that series is one of my favorite books and I wanted to see it on the movie screen, but the books give us just as much adventure as we need and I really hope you countinue making books on that series at least

  29. Why o why! πŸ™ This is sad news after all the waiting from paramount… But still I know there is always good news Miss Jen just learn to believe and have faith! Yeah you are right that the book still lives by just sharing its story to other people. I really hope the best for you and to your books is yet to come Miss Jen! Be optimistic and God bless you always! πŸ™‚

  30. Aw πŸ™
    But at least there are other movie companies. I hope one day it will be made into a movie, but until then, we shall fangirl over the books instead of the movies. XD

  31. Hmph, my friend and I just recently read the false prince and we got so excited thinking that they would make I movie and now that I know that there might not be one I’m upset, but like Harry Potter and mrs peregrines home for peculiar children movies aren’t anything like or compared to the book(s)

    • Thanks Gabriel – hopefully one day a movie will come together again!

  32. Happy Easter Jennifer Nielsen, I hope you have a good holiday with your family!

    • Thanks very much, Jamie. It was a great day, and I hope the same for you and your family!

      • It was rally fun, thank you!

        • really

  33. That’s really bad news πŸ™ I was really looking forward to an adaption, I hope some other film studio wishes to adapt it.

  34. That’s really disappointing. I’ve seen so many other books and plotlines that pale in comparison to The Ascendance Trilogy. I definitely hope that other film studios realize what a huge mistake Paramount Studios has made by letting go of their rights to this script.

    On another note, do you have any suggestions for publishing a children’s book? I’ve released a digital copy online for sale, but I don’t even know where to start for starting the circulation of printed versions of the book. Any advice helps.

    Hoping to hear more from you soon.

    • Hi Phoenix; I don’t view Paramount’s decision as a mistake; rather as them determining that they are not the right company to produce the film the way it should be made. So in that way, it’s probably wise on their part and preserves the series for someone with a stronger vision.

      Regarding your children’s book, congratulations on that accomplishment. However, I’m afraid my experience in the self-published world is so limited that my advice is fairly useless. The only thing I can suggest is you look for venues that might be interested in stocking your book, particularly if it has a connection to a place or theme that has an existing market (for example, a book about a character’s first day skiing to be sold at a ski lodge). It’s always a challenge to launch a new book, but keep working at it and doors will begin to open.

  35. That’s too bad that this didn’t work out but I will continue to hope for something in the future! Also, I was curious to know what your opinion on a fanmade movie adaption would be? Is that even legally possible? LOL, I don’t really understand everything about copyrights and all that stuff.

    Best wishes! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lauren! The way copyright works on things like this is who owns the “rights” to do anything with an artistic creation. As the author, I own all rights and then can sell rights to a particular use of my work to someone else, if I want that. So you’re asking about film rights. I will hold on to them for another production company to option in the future; however, if you want to create your own adaptation in a non-commercial (you don’t make money on it) way, that is totally fine. Go for it!

  36. This is entirely sad. I think the books are cool and if Paramount productions doesn’t see that some other production will.
    Even if there aren’t any movies I’m still happy to have read the books and my cousin just started reading and she loves it.
    I would have liked to see Roden in the movie but I guess it’s ok.
    Secretly my family wants me to try out for Imogene if there’s ever a theatre play for The False Prince.
    I really admire your work Mrs. Nielsen.

    • Thank you very much, Crystal. Fingers crossed on another production company or theater producer, and fingers crossed for you one day soon having the chance to audition!

  37. aww… man! I found about your book yesterday or so and came searching for more until I ended up here… I hope another production company takes the chance. It would be cool to see how The False Prince would look in a movie. πŸ˜€

  38. This makes me really sad, but I hope another company that has a lot of experience creating movies based on books can make this happen. I also would like to say I love your Ascendance trilogy and your book the Scourge. Please please please continue writing!! Also did you ever regret anything that you wrote, or wished you could’ve changed something in any of your books?

    Huge fan!! – Nada

    • Hi Nada, as long as readers like you are out there, I will always keep writing. And I never regret any of my writing. Some books have been more successful than others, but I’ve grown from each project and loved each book I’ve released. No writing is wasted writing, from any writer. Thanks for the kind words!

  39. Sorry to hear that your amazing and inspiring book won’t be made into a movie by Paramount Pictures. I will keep hoping for a movie eventually and in the meantime keep reading your amazing books. Thank you so much for being such an amazing writer!

  40. I’ve been such a huge fan of the series (I’ve likely read it over fifty times.) since it first came out, and seeing this news about the movie is extremely saddening. Though time will hopefully give more incredible opportunities for when it IS made into a movie. Seeing Imogen scold Sage onscreen will just have to wait a little longer, I suppose.
    Thanks for writing one of the best series out there!

    • Thank you very much, Kate. We’ve waited this long, a little while longer won’t hurt, eh?

  41. I’ve been such a huge fan of your books and am sad to hear that false prince will not be made into a movie at this time. I know that when the time is right it will be made into a movie. Also the books are amazing by themselves so even if it doesn’t get made into a movie the books will defiantly be enough. Also have you ever considered adding on to either the Mark Of The Thief or False Prince series? That would be fun to see what new adventures they go on.

    • Hi McKenna, I may one day add to either series, I never say no to possibilities like that. But for now, I’m focused on other projects and characters who are speaking more loudly to me. That could always change though…

  42. If Sage were to create a facebook based of of the first book, what do you think it would look like??

    • Hmm…like what would his posts be? He wouldn’t say much but he’d post plenty of embarrassing pictures he’s collected of people around him, just because he can. Also, he’d almost certainly take up BASE jumping, so you’d start to see pictures of that.

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