Movie Update (+ Winners)

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The winners from last week’s drawing are: *** Patience *** Mia Clement *** Jamin B *** Ambri Miller *** If you didn’t win, there are still two more chances to enter until THE SCOURGE is released, so be sure to put your comments below!     So another six months have passed, and I know many of you are curious about any developments on the movie! Well… As I’ve warned, it won’t be much of an update. The news is…there isn’t much news. Another screenwriter has been brought on for continuing script...

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Can’t Avoid Trouble? (+ Winners)

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The winners from last week’s giveaway are: *** Sasia *** Natalie Burlew *** Olivia G *** If you didn’t win this week, no worries – your past entries still accumulate to help your odds of winning next week! For this week, I was thinking about one of my favorite scenes from THE SCOURGE. Ani has gotten herself into trouble again, and the punishment is loss of a meal. Weevil is asking her about it, but she doesn’t want him to know what she plans to do while he’s eating.   I turned to him, using as much anger as...

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Poll Results (+ Winners)

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The winners from this past week’s giveaway are: *** McKenna Gleed *** Ana cs *** Celine Fuchs *** Congratulations to all who won! If your name isn’t above, remember that all past entries still accumulate for future wins so keep on trying! I promised to post the results of the poll from a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for everyone who voted. It was fun and helpful to me as a writer, so I appreciate your input. Here’s what you said:   My favorite books… A. Have a lot of romance.  (17%) B. Have a little romance.   (74%) C....

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The Friend Test (+ Winners)

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Winners from last week’s contest are: *** Melinda Fant *** Jane Baird *** Shadan A *** Finny JA. Z. *** If your name isn’t there, no worries! Summer isn’t over, so this contest isn’t over. Past entries still accumulate for future wins so keep on entering!   This week’s contest focuses on friendship, a common theme in my books. Whether between Sage and Imogen or Mott, Roden, or Tobias. Between Nic, Aurelia, and Crispus. Or Gerta and Anna. And now, Ani and Weevil. My stories explore loyalty, the test of a...

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Fun Poll (+ Winners)

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The winners of last week’s giveaway are: ***  Elise   ***   Jeevan   ***   Daniel   *** If you didn’t win, no worries – your past entries still count toward a win, and another giveaway is below! Let’s have some fun this week! There are no right or wrong answers – I’m just looking for opinions, and maybe your answers will influence my future books! Post your answers below in this format: 1 (A), 2 (C), 3 (B) etc, with whatever letters you choose. My favorite books… A. Have a lot of romance. B. Have a...

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SCOURGE Question (+ Winners)

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The winners from last week’s blog post are: Faith Roys   ***   Matthew Blake   ***   Mia I’ve sent you an email to confirm. If you did not win, no worries, your entries from the past week still count for future wins! To enter this week, read the excerpt below and then answer the question at the bottom in the comments:   (At the beginning of this scene, Ani is placed in a cage as punishment for something she did to Della, another person on the quarantine island. But Weevil sneaks her out for the night. Gossel is one of the...

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Traitor’s Game (+ Winners)

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Congratulations to the winners from last week! Kimber * * * * Emily Welte * * * * Tasneem W Emails have been sent! If you didn’t win, no worries – your entries so far will accumulate for future entries, so continue to enter each week! This week in Publisher’s Weekly, an announcement went out about the new series I’m working on to follow Mark of the Thief. Here it is: Lisa Sandell at Scholastic Press has acquired Jennifer A. Nielsen’s new series, The Traitor’s Game, in which a privileged girl is forced by...

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Music of THE SCOURGE (+ Winners)

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Congratulations to the Week 3 Winners of the Massive Summer Giveaway! Emails have been sent to you. If you didn’t win, don’t worry – your previous entries are still part of the contest, and this week’s contest is listed below! Hailey V *** Ava  *** Vitoria *** Brayley   This week, I want to tell you about the two songs that were a big part of writing THE SCOURGE. Whatever their original meanings, they folded nicely into the story hatching in my imagination. First is “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park....

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Wrath of the Storm (+ Winners)

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First, here are the winners of last week’s HORIZON-themed contest: ** Larisa  ** Mary ** Emily C ** Sammy ** If that’s not you, don’t worry! Your past entries are still in the drawing and there are several giveaway weeks left! Keep trying! Today’s news is BIG! Big like, I have received sooo many emails asking about this, that I am excited to finally be able to give an actual answer! If you’ve been reading the MARK OF THE THIEF series, then you know the second book, RISE OF THE WOLF, ends with Nic in a rather...

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Winners on the HORIZON

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The first four winners of the Massive Summer Giveaway are: Bryce Christiansen James ( Katie C ( Areeba F (   Check your emails! Requests for what you want to win are handled on a first come first served basis. If you didn’t win, your entries from this past week are still in the running. This week, we’re taking a break from THE SCOURGE (which you should totally just pre-order or ask your library to pre-order) to discuss a big announcement that dropped this week. And I...

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